Monthly Archives: September 2012

On March 16, 2007, something terrible happened. Kathy Sierra stopped publishing her blog because of abusive tweets and threats. Thankfully she didn’t take down her TypePad account, and we can still all read the posts that she made, because they are great, and are the suggested reading for this week’s book club. Read More


Not all great reading comes with an ISBN number. There are a lot of great bloggers out there that you can subscribe to and get ideas from. So I thought that I would share a handful of the better AX blogging sites that I scour every morning to see what ideas I can steal for demonstrations. They all have RSS feeds so it’s easy to send them through to your favorite feed reader, or to send them to Google Reader like I do. Read More

The Vendor Portal is a great tool that allows you to streamline purchasing processes, and also get the vendor to update information pertaining to them. Not only does this reduce the workload on the purchasing group, but it also improves data accuracy since there is no chance for miskeying information as its being transcribed. Read More

This week’s book club book was suggested to me a couple of years ago, and even though I thought it sounded like a dumb book, about penguins that were about to all fall victim to a Poseidon Adventure style fate when their iceberg home melts under their little feet, I sucked it up and read the 160 page book over two flights and don’t regret it for a second. Read More

Welcome to the first issue of the my book club.  I thought that I would start off this project by introducing a book that was suggested to me by a good friend of mine when it was first published, and I just re-purchased it to re-read after I couldn’t find my original.  Although Accidental Empires was written in 1996, and has to be read old-school style since it’s not available on the Kindle, this is a great history of how all of the major tech companies that are still around got their start. Read More

Help is a great tool, but the standard Dynamics help does not include any of the company specific knowledge, because you are the only one that knows that.

In this worked example we will show how you can extend out the help system quickly and easily to include your companies own instructions and content so that the users have one place to search when they get stuck. Read More

Product Attributes are a new addition to Dynamics AX 2012, and are a simple way to store additional product characteristics without having to create new tables and fields in the database.

In this worked example I will show how you can use these product attributes to store information like product nutritional information. Read More

SharePoint MySites are a great way for employees to have their own personal micro site for storing documents, notes and other information about themselves. For the more adventurous employees through, they are also able to publish their own blogs there for the other employees in the company to follow. These could be knowledge base articles, trials and tribulations with customers or vendors, or just fun stories. The good thing about these blogs are that they are only visible to the internal employees, and also it is a good way for companies to capitalize on today’s social media frenzy. Read More