Monthly Archives: April 2022

I’m back on track and am starting my next set of chronicles following the implementation of Dynamics 365 at the Waterdeep Trading Company. Now they are tackling the implementation of the Sales and Marketing area of the system, starting with the configuration of the Sales and Marketing controls.

I’ve laid out ten labs in this series, so this one is going to be HUGE – literally! I have planned the following labs that I will create over the next couple of months:

• Configuring Sales and Marketing Controls

• Configuring Activity Tracking

• Configuring Case Management

• Configuring Contact Management

• Configuring Prospect Management

• Configuring Opportunity Management

• Configuring Lead Management

• Configuring Campaign Management

• Configuring Telemarketing & Call Lists

• Configuring Call List Questionnaires

If you want to check out the other guides that I have released on the Dynamics Companions site:…/bbcg-d365-2-bare…

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