Monthly Archives: April 2014

If you are interested in seeing how you can set up the Sales and Marketing area of Dynamics AX to turn it into your very own integrated XRM system, then you are in luck – I have just released volume #14 or my Dynamics AX 2012 Barebones Configuration Guides series which focuses on configuring the Sales And Marketing area within Dynamics AX which gives you a general overview and step by step instructions to set up most of its features and functions. Within the 566 pages I cover:
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Over the past month I have been finishing up another of my books within the Dynamics AX 2012 Barebones Configuration Guides and have just released out the #13 – Configuring Production Control Within Dynamics AX. For anyone interested in a general overview of how to configure Production Control within Dynamics AX with step by step instructions, then you may want to take a look at it. Read More

The Task Recorder has always been a useful tool within Dynamics AX, but with the release of Lifecycle Services, it has been upgraded to become even more useful. Now the Task Recorder includes the ability to group your recordings into separate frameworks for different purposes, and also allows you to create a hierarchy structure that you can use to organize your tasks and recordings.

In addition to being able to export your task recordings out to Word etc. for off-line documentation, it also allows you to package up all of the business process structures and import them into Lifecycle Services to use them for managing your project and also collaborating with customers and partners. All of the task recordings are converted to process flow charts within Lifecycle Services to that you can adjust the standard business processes to match your requirements, and also all of the task recordings are viewable as live videos making them a centralized documentation tool for all the key business areas during and after the implementation.

In this blueprint we will show how you can set up and configure the business processes within the Task Recorder, create task recordings, and then import the business processes into Lifecycle Services to make them available through via the cloud. Read More

We are only days away from the official launch of the R3 Release of Dynamics AX, and it is chock full of new functionality. Everyone has been talking about the new Warehouse and Transportation Management functions that are included in this new release, but if that’s not the half of it. There is so much more that you should be looking forward to, and here is a quick review of some of the other features that you should watch out for. Read More