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50TipsConvergence 2014 is only a few days away, and that means that my presentation (UBAX002: How2: 40+ tips in 90 minutes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012) is not that far away either.  A few days ago I dropped you all a note that I had put together a companion book (50 Tricks & Tips for Dynamics AX 2012) that I will be giving away at the presentation if you have the chance to attend it – but I found out that there will be close to 200 people at the presentation, which means that my 40+ copies will not go very far.

To rectify the solution, for today only (Feb 28th) you will be able to download a Kindle copy of the book from Amazon for free.  That way everyone is a winner.

If you want to grab your copy, then just follow this link:

For all of you that can’t make it to Convergence then pick up a copy anyway if you like and read it aloud with a New Zealand accent and it will be just like you were there.


Introduction To Dynamics AX - 2nd EditionA couple of months ago I published the first edition of my Introduction to Dynamics AX book, which illustrated the “cooking demo” that we usually start with when we are giving foundation demonstrations for Dynamics AX 2012.

This weekend we updated the book to include another 200+ pages that also illustrate all of the common functional features that we show during a soup to nuts demonstration of Dynamics AX, making it a great companion book now for anyone who is trying to figure out at a high level how Dynamics AX works, and also what does it do.

If your are interested in taking a peek inside I have published a preview version which allows you download a sample of the book, showing the table of contents and also sample sections from the chapters.  Here is a link to the preview:

It should also be available on Amazon within 5 or so days, although you can also view it see now on the CreateSpace here:

The Kindle edition of this book is in the works, but unfortunately with Convergence coming up, within a week or so that is consuming a lot of my time, it may be a couple of weeks before it’s available.

PS.  If you are going to be at Convergence 14, track me down and say hi.  Also please come to my presentations (UBAX002 – How2: 40+ tips in 90 minutes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 & UBAX001 – Challenge the experts, no question is out of bounds: Microsoft Dynamics AX MVP panel) on Friday (March 7th) so that I’m not lonely J

BookCoverImageLast week we test drove an idea at a demo, and rather than giving them a PowerPoint, we created a book as a handout that we gave to almost all of the people there. It shows all of the initial orientation demonstration that includes navigation, reporting etc. and also includes screen shots of all the areas within Dynamics AX that a Distribution based company would be interested in including all of the Advanced Supply Chain Software add ins that we have developed here at I.B.I.S.

Some people saw this on my desk and asked if for could get a copy, so I have made it available to everyone through CreateSpace, and Amazon (within the next 5 days) as well.

Also to make it a little more affordable, I republished it as a Black & White version rather than the Deluxe Full Color that I used last week.

So, if you want a hard copy, then just follow this link:

Also, for my loyal readers, use this discount code:YW8YHP6J to get an additional 25% off the list price.

Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE With Convergence coming up I have been preparing for my presentation that I’ll be giving on the Friday of that week ( UBAX002: How2: 40+ tips in 90 minutes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ) – which if you are attending Convergence I would love to see you there.

In the process of planning it out, I thought that I would compile all of the content ahead of time and I converted it over into a small 400+ page book for you all, in case you want to get a sneak peek of what I will be showing (or if you can’t make it to convergence, then reading it will be just like I’m there… minus the New Zealand accent).

If your are interested in taking a look, then you can see it on the CreateSpace here: and it should also be available on Amazon within 5 or so…

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Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day

The document management function that allows you to create attachments that are based off a Word template.  What makes this a super useful feature is that you can populate the document on the fly with data from the record that you are creating the attachment for.

Everyone has templates that they have squirreled away on their computer that they continually use for boilerplate responses.  This takes it to the next level by creating all of these document for you based of the boilerplate documents… and they are not hidden on one persons computer any more.

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Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day

The task recorder is great because it practically creates all of your user documentation for you.  The only problem is that the format of the documentation that it created is a little bland.  Don’t worry though, rather than reformat all of the documents that are created after the fact, you have the option to change the default template that is used when the documents are created.

An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure

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Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day

If you have ever tried to create a PowerView report within Excel that is populated directly from an Analysis Services Cube, then you may have come across a small roadblock where PowerView refuses to work.  All is not lost though, you can trick Power View into thinking that it is querying a real table by using PowerPivot to craft the query first.

The only downside to this is that we don’t have to use PowerQuery as much any more…

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Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day

Every one knows that you can now edit your Dynamics AX projects directly in Microsoft Project, but the integration gets even cooler then that.  If you have an existing project plan that you want to turn into a new project, then you can create it directly from Microsoft Project itself.

This is a super easy way to migrate all of your old projects over to Dynamics AX.

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