50 Tips And Tricks For Dynamics AX Free On Kindle Today (Feb 28th) Only

50TipsConvergence 2014 is only a few days away, and that means that my presentation (UBAX002: How2: 40+ tips in 90 minutes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012) is not that far away either.  A few days ago I dropped you all a note that I had put together a companion book (50 Tricks & Tips for Dynamics AX 2012) that I will be giving away at the presentation if you have the chance to attend it – but I found out that there will be close to 200 people at the presentation, which means that my 40+ copies will not go very far.

To rectify the solution, for today only (Feb 28th) you will be able to download a Kindle copy of the book from Amazon for free.  That way everyone is a winner.

If you want to grab your copy, then just follow this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00INY3LRO/

For all of you that can’t make it to Convergence then pick up a copy anyway if you like and read it aloud with a New Zealand accent and it will be just like you were there.

  1. Nesrin Todorova said:

    Hi and thank you for sharing for free some of your books.

    I tried to download the book but it requires 9£…. Could you check?


    • Nesrin, what region are you buying from? Amazon just gives me one option for releasing the books out for free, and I don’t know why they are not offering it to all regions for free. When I did this a few days ago for another book, I got a couple of notes from Australia and the UK that it was not free, but when I checked the regional stores this morning, it looked like they were all showing it as free. Murray.

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