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Everyone uses Excel to prepare information for updates within Dynamics AX because it gives you a little bit more freedom as you are massaging the data. If you have the Dynamics AX Add-In for Excel installed on your computer then you don’t even have to key in the data once you have created it because you can create an Excel template that securely updates Dynamics AX from Excel.

In this example we will show how you can use the Dynamics AX Add-In for Excel to create a template for updating product costs and prices, which you can use for mass updates, or quick changes to the pricing without even having to touch the Dynamics AX client.

Here are all of the topics that are included in this blueprint:

  1. Correcting the InventTableModule Update Method
  2. Creating an Update Template within Excel
  3. Creating a Tabular Update Template in Excel Using Matrix Fields

The Dynamics AX Add-In for Excel is a great tool. For quick updates, or corrections of masses of data it makes like a breeze.

Give it a go.


One of the requests that I have always got after people have browsed and downloaded my posts from SlideShare is that the image quality has not been the best because SlideShare compresses the images when the post them. Another is that it is slow to download the slides, and with 100 slides in some of the presentations, this can be frustrating – especially if you are looking for some particular content. Even when I forward on the PDF, then you may not be able to quite make out the particular code or form within the document. Also, with some of the posts, there is a lot of content that I try to publish, and it may be a little overwhelming to see pages and pages of instructions on my blog posts.

So I am trying a different approach to help you all get the most out of Dynamics AX and wanted to pass on the details since at one point or another I have either talked to you, met with you, demonstrated to you, you have visited my blog (, you have browsed my SlideShare account ( or all of the above.

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There are a lot of workflow templates that are delivered with Dynamics AX 2012, but that doesn’t mean that those are the only ones that you can use.  Developing new workflow templates and actions are pretty straight forward and you can easily extend out the system to incorporate other workflow scenarios that have not been added yet.

In this blueprint we will work through one example and show you how you can develop your own workflow process for product approvals that allow you to submit, track and approve the product review process.

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