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With the Release of the Dynamics AX R3 demonstration image earlier on this month I decided to create a new demonstration company, and as I was doing that I thought that it would be a good idea to also kill two birds with one stone, and use it as a reason to finish off the first book within my Barebones Configuration Guide series. This short (150 page) guide includes the following topics: Read More


goERPcloud-Logo_blueIf I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. People always want to get access to a demonstration version of Dynamics AX that they can test drive. There is something very special about being able to work through scenario yourself. I guess ERP is just like a car, in that you need to get behind the wheel rather than be chauffeured. The problem is that in the past, this involved setting up a new server, configuring the software, and also getting the test system licensed with Microsoft which is easier said than done, so we always shy away from it. Lifecycle Services and Azure Hosting has made this better because now you can rent space on Azure and fire up a VM within 10 or so minutes.

But today I was introduced to goERPcloud, and I have to admit this is a super cool offering. They offer a free trial service for test driving Dynamics AX R3 where you can sign up for a 30 day trial, without having to give them a single digit of your credit card number. I didn’t buy it either, but I tried it out and gosh darn it – it worked like a charm.

goERPcloud is the CreditKarma for Dynamics AX hosting. Read More

A couple of weeks ago I did a webinar for MS Dynamics World titled “Microsoft Dynamics AX workflows for financial automation: Improving process efficiency with ease” which you can view if you like by following this link:

While I was preparing for the webcast, I created a storyboard of everything that I was going to show, which I thought may be a great reference for everyone, so I tidied it up and the complete set of examples that I worked through during the webinar, plus the examples that I didn’t manage to get to in the time I had are now available as a Companion Guide for Dynamics AX. Within the 401 pages I cover: Read More

c2c3b97846b09044041a6003af4272b1Block your calendar for my next workshop for the AXUG on May 27th at 1PM (ET).

I will cover tips and tricks within Dynamics AX that will increase your knowledge, productivity and work life! You simply can’t miss as a Dynamics AX user.

You can register for the link through the AXUG website using this link: