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Last week I released out a companion guide on Lifecycle Services that walked through the features that are available that you can use this to help with your own projects and implementations. A number of people asked when the electronic copies would be available and the answer is now.

The Kindle version is available for download on Amazon and you can find it here:

Don’t forget that if you don’t have a physical Kindle then there is a desktop version, and a client for all of the tablets that allows you to read all of the kindle books. If you haven’t seen them before then here is a link:

Also for the Premium Subscribers on the Dynamics AX Companions ( website are able to download all of the chapters as PDF files right now and read them at their leisure. Here is the link to the landing page with all of the chapters listed out:

If you are not a Premium Subscriber then sign on up on the Dynamics AX Companions website and not only will you get access to all of the chapters to this book, but also all of the other complete books that I have published there. If you want to get a sneak peek into what the chapters look like then registered users can click here to download the first chapter for free:


Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day

Now that Dynamics AX R3 is available you may be working with the new Warehouse Management browser client. And if you are like me, opening up the browser window and then typing in the URL (http://localhost:82) may just be too much work and giving you serious carpel tunnel syndrome. Don’t worry though, if you want to write a couple of lines of code then you can easily add a menu item to your Tools menu that will open the mobile client up with just a click of the mouse.

It’s like having your own personal Stargate… sort of…

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Recently I have been diving into more and more of the Lifecycle Services offering that is offered by Microsoft to help with managing our Dynamics AX projects, and during the process created a simple guide to show you most of the features that are available within it, and also how you can use this to help with your own projects. This weekend I finished up the guide and published it to Amazon for those that may be interested. Here is the link:

If you want to get a quick overview of the content then here is a quick summary of the chapters and the content. Read More

Our 4th of July project was to finish off the 3rd book in the Barebones Configuration Guide series and this morning we finished it, published it to Amazon ( , and also made it available for download as a PDF for the Premium Subscribers on the Dynamics AX Companions ( website.

So now you can work through book #1 and configure a sandbox version of Dynamics AX through Azure and Lifecycle Services, then book #2 and configure a new blank organization, and now book #3 and have a fully functioning General Ledger to test on.

If you follow the following link then it will take you to the overview page with all the links and content:

Here is an overview of all the content that is now available.

Read More

The Dynamics AX Companions ( website has now been up and live for two weeks, and there is a little bit of extra premium content that has been posted there that you all might be interested in viewing. Here is a quick overview of the 23 new chapters that are now available:

Topics Added

  • Using Azure And Lifecycle Services To Host Your Dynamics AX Test System
  • Creating A New Partition
  • Configuring The System For The First Time

More Information: Configuring A Basic Dynamics AX 2012 Test System

Topics Added

  • Configuring Your Organization
  • Configuring Your Legal Entity

More Information: Configuring An Organization Within Dynamics AX 2012

Topics Added

  • Configuring Lean Manufacturing

More Information: Configuring Production Control Within Dynamics AX 2012

Topics Added

  • Configuring Sales Management
  • Configuring Activity Management
  • Configuring Case Management
  • Configuring Contact Management
  • Configuring Prospect Management
  • Configuring Opportunity Management
  • Configuring Lead Management
  • Configuring Campaign Management
  • Configuring Telemarketing
  • Configuring Call List Scripts Using Questionnaires

More Information: Configuring Sales & Marketing Within Dynamics AX 2012

Topics Added

  • Configuring Service Management
  • Configuring Service Orders
  • Configuring Service Agreements
  • Configuring Service Objects
  • Configuring Repair Management
  • Configuring Dispatch Teams
  • Configuring Service Subscriptions

More Information: Configuring Service Management Within Dynamics AX 2012

Watch out for more content over the next week or so – especially the Configuring The General Ledger Companion Guide that should be finished and sent to printing next week.


I have received a number of requests (especially from outside of the US) for downloadable versions of the Dynamics AX Companion books other than through Amazon, and through the Dynamics AX Companions ( website I now have a way to do that.  This week I published the complete set of chapters for the Configuring Production Control Within Dynamics AX 2012 there for you all to access if you are a Premium Subscriber.  Although they do not have the same touch and feel as the real book (which you can still get through Amazon) they are easy to access and I even used two of the chapters yesterday as I was setting up some data so I’m a user of them as well.

I will be posting all of the other books this way as well over the next couple of months as well so watch out for more content on the way (including updates and additional chapters).

Here is a summary of the content along with links to the pages on the Dynamics AX Companions website. Read More