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Scheduling meetings is a chore because you have to look at your calendar, select some times that are open, then create a meeting invite for one, or more meeting times to all of the attendees, then you have to track what time everyone wants to meet, rearrange schedules, re-send out meeting invites, remember to delete tentative meeting invites, and then hope that you got all of the responses from the people before you can have your meeting.

What a pain in the butt, and what a time suck.

Great news. There is a new Cortana service called that is available that allows you to get Cortana to do all of that work for you, find time that works in your calendar and then negotiates the time for you with all of the people that you want to meet with. And you can do that just by including Cortana in an email thread.

In this overview we will show you how to sign up for the Preview service and test it out.

Warning: This may make you never want to manually schedule a meeting ever again.

Topics Covered

  • Signing up for Cortana Calendar Help
  • Using Cortana Calendar Help to Schedule Meetings

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