Monthly Archives: January 2013

This week I have been working with a customer running Lotus Notes (Boooooo).  I’m convincing them that the Microsoft Suite (Yayyyyyyy) is a better option although they wanted to know how Exchange compared with Notes, how SharePoint compared with Connections, and how Lync compared with SameTime.

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Just to mix things up a little, this week’s book club post has nothing to do with ERP, or Dynamics AX, and is the fourth book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series written by Douglas Adams. If all you know about this series is from the 2005 movie, then shame on you, and shame on the makers of the movie. Dust off your VHS player, and at least watch the original BBC version that you can buy here

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Questionnaires are a great way to gather information, and Dynamics AX 2012 has a great feature that allows you to create your own questionnaire formats for employees, vendors, and customers that can either be filled out through the self service applications, or delivered by an agent such as a CSR in conjunction with call lists.In this example we will show one of the ways that questionnaires can be used, and create an employee questionnaire to weed out some troublesome individuals.

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Seth Godin has a new book. I know that you think that you are just as excited about this news as I am, but I doubt it because I am his #1 fan, because I almost overwhelmed and fainted when I saw his newest book (The Icarus Deception) at Barnes & Noble and after composing myself, bought it right away. Read More

The Enterprise Portals are quick and easy ways that you can publish information out to the users using SharePoint so that they can have a single place to analyze the business, and also to access information on the go through tablets or web browsers.  Bus sometimes you may find that there is information in Dynamics AX that is not available through the standard Enterprise Portal controls.

In this worked example we will show how you can easily create your own custom user data controls for Dynamics AX that you can add to existing SharePoint portals, and also to Role Centers to add that last bit of information that you may want to see.  And all without a single line of code. Read More

The Dynamics AX Excel Add-In is great for updating data through a familiar tool, and in a previous post I showed how you could use it to update budgets within Excel. Although a lot of the time when you are adjusting budgets, you may not want to see every period’s postings one by one.

In the following worked example, we will show how you can use a feature in the Excel Add-In to create summary fields that allow you to update multiple records within the database at once, and then show how you can use this same feature to create a tabular style budget maintenance form within Excel to make the budget updates even easier. Read More