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The Print Management feature within Dynamics AX does a lot more than just allow you to print reports. It also allows you to e-mail reports, automatically print and distribute forms, and also have custom form versions by customer & vendor.

In this walkthrough we will show some of the different options available to you and also how to configure them within Dynamics AX. You will learn how to:

  1. Send a Form via Email
  2. Automatically Email A Form
  3. Set Email defaults by Customer
  4. Use the Batch Server to Automatically Generate Forms
  5. Creating Alternate Form Versions Read More

Although I live in the Dynamics AX kind of guy, I sometimes peek over the fence to see what people are doing with the other Dynamics products to see if I can pick up some new tricks and tips. So, the other day I picked up a copy of Mark Polino’s new book on reporting in GP, and I wasn’t disappointed. Mark does a great job an showing how to use Excel 2013 for Dashboarding, and the techniques that he uses also translate to the other ERP platforms as well. If you are looking to be inspired when it comes to reporting, check his book out. It’s great.

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With the release of Dynamics AX 2012 R2, a new document location type is available for the Document Types which allows you to archive files to SharePoint rather than to the usual network file locations. This is a much better place to store files since you can add metadata to the uploaded files, and also you can add features like version control and document security around the files.
In this example we will show how you can create a new document type that stores it’s attached files within SharePoint.

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A lot of social media and search sites have the option to output the results as RSS feeds as well as the normal human readable version. PowerPivot has the option to use XML feeds as the source for its’ data sources. It just makes sense to marry the two features together and create Power View dashboards that summarizes the live feeds so that we can start analyzing the searches that we are interested in.

In this walkthrough will show you how easy that is to do.

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