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Everyone who is in the know knows that it is the Squirrel New Year right now and that means that we are celebrating like is 3145 AS (Anno Scurrius) – which it is. I know you all are probably asking – “What do Squirrels do when they celebrate the SNY? They do what they have always done as far back as they can remember – they brush up on the Financials modules of Dynamics AX.

To make it easier for you all to join in on the festivities we have bundled the first six books within the Bare Bones Configuration Guide series and you can get them all at once at for 20% off the list price. “Oh my!” I hear you say – “That’s a deal and is all I need be fully prepared for the SNY”. And you are right. You too can get all of this and be set for the next 103 days before the next Squirrel New Year.

You can learn how to set up your own pilot environment in Azure, create a new Company within Dynamics AX, and then configure the General Ledger, Cash & Bank Management, Accounts Receivable, & Accounts Payable modules. All by yourself!
How awesome is that!

What are you waiting for?


This week is the Microsoft Dynamics US FY16 Kick Off event in Nashville. Maybe I will see some of you all there J

A couple of weeks ago I offered a free download of one of my books (An Introduction To Dynamics AX 2012) , and was swamped with downloads and was almost overwhelmed by the response, but I have upgraded my shopping cart and streamlined the process and to celebrate the Kick Off Event in my own little way I have decided to let you all download not one, but two of my books for free.

For this week only (Aug 16th-23rd) you are able to download the An Introduction To Dynamics AX 2012 reference guide which will show you a lot of the cool usability features that are available within Dynamics AX 2012, and also the Piloting Dynamics AX 2012 On Azure For Free Through Lifecycle Services guide that I recently released that will show you how to set up your very own pilot system for Dynamics AX through Azure – even if you are not a customer!

If you want to pick up a copy then here are the links to them J

Happy downloading.

This weekend we are testing out a new offering for the Dynamics AX Companions project which is online training courses based on the Bare Bones Configuration Guides series of books and also the Dynamics AX Tips and Tricks series of books. If we decide to start transferring all of the content that we have over to this platform then it could be a personal training resource for you all on Dynamics AX, and even a corporate training platform to get everyone in your implementation team up and going with Dynamics AX and also provide a way to track the learning paths for everyone to see if they are doing their homework.

This platform is not cheap to set up and configure so we wanted to get some feedback from you all to see if this would be something useful so we’ve opened up the sample courses for everyone while we pilot the service.

If you want to check out the sample course that we have used to test this service then you can see it here:

After you register and log in then you will be able to see the course and also the learning path which will eventually be populated with all of the modules that are related together so that you have a roadmap for your training.

All you need to do is click on the course and you will be able to start the walkthrough.

We have included step by step instructions on how to perform the hands on training lab – although it will be prettied up a little more in the future so don’t judge it off the current template:

And also if you look in the Additional Reference tab for the training you will see that there is a downloadable cheat sheet that you can use to help you along the way as well.

Please take a look and drop us a note on what you think about it.