Kicking Off The Microsoft Dynamics 2016 FY With Two Free Prizes – this week only though

This week is the Microsoft Dynamics US FY16 Kick Off event in Nashville. Maybe I will see some of you all there J

A couple of weeks ago I offered a free download of one of my books (An Introduction To Dynamics AX 2012) , and was swamped with downloads and was almost overwhelmed by the response, but I have upgraded my shopping cart and streamlined the process and to celebrate the Kick Off Event in my own little way I have decided to let you all download not one, but two of my books for free.

For this week only (Aug 16th-23rd) you are able to download the An Introduction To Dynamics AX 2012 reference guide which will show you a lot of the cool usability features that are available within Dynamics AX 2012, and also the Piloting Dynamics AX 2012 On Azure For Free Through Lifecycle Services guide that I recently released that will show you how to set up your very own pilot system for Dynamics AX through Azure – even if you are not a customer!

If you want to pick up a copy then here are the links to them J

Happy downloading.


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