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The weeks book suggestion is for those of you that have read Dale Carnegie’s book and want to move on to the advanced class. Although we not look down on those of you that just want to skip making friends, and decide to read this book instead.

This book pulls in examples from all of the great seducers in history, including figures from the Renaissance like Casanova, Madam Bovary, Don Juan, & Cleopatra.

Don’t be ashamed to admit that we are all in the business of seduction. Not necessarily the Fifty Shades of Gray version, but more of the having customers fall in love with us for our expertise, and not wanting us to leave, or in the case of sales, wanting us to stay. Read More


In this edition of the book club, I thought that I would focus on a book called “The Big Switch”. This is an interesting book because it talks about how all technology moves through the same phases where they are introduced, someone makes a lot of money off them because they own the market space, and then the technology becomes more of a commodity that is commonplace. The examples that he uses in the book range from water wheels, to electricity, and then to software, and that companies like Google are the leading wave because they are commoditizing technologies for the masses through services.

Why is this important to us? Because it implies that the business software is heading much the same way. And every now and then we see this mentality in the market place when customers and prospects have the impression that all ERP systems are comparable. This means that they are then making decisions based on price rather than on functionality, service, fit and quality.

If you get a chance, take a look at this book – and also Nicolas Carr’s other book – “Does IT Matter”. It’s interesting – even though I don’t agree with where he ends up.

The Big Switch:
Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google

by Nicholas CarrPublication Date: Jan 19, 2009

Although Dynamics AX is not a complete new product development and formulation system since it does not calculate nutritional details, or perform least cost formulation, it does allow you to manage all of your product, costs, formulations, nutritional detailed etc. Additionally it has a lot of capabilities to help you manage the NPD and NPI process so that the process is a lot smoother.

In this example, I will show an example of how you can use Cases, Workflow, and Projects within Dynamics AX to manage all of the New Product Development/Introduction process. Read More

For all of you that are waiting for a book on Dynamics AX 2012 that is useful, and that isn’t written by Scott Campbell, then put on your clubbing clothes, because it’s time to celebrate.

Last week, Microsoft released a new book for Dynamics AX.

This book won’t help you with registering picking lists within AX, but it does have 738 pages of information around programming, architecture, portal & workflow development, business intelligence, and even ERD’s, and is a great fallback option when you can’t get hold of Chris Hoer or Chris Dragon.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
by The Microsoft Dynamics AX TeamPublication Date: November 2012

It’s already given me a number of ideas on new extensions to make for demonstrations. I’m sure that it will inspire some of you all to create something cool as well.