Monthly Archives: June 2013

Setting up a new company within Dynamics AX is not hard, but it is time consuming because you have to configure a lot to base tables and codes such as payment terms, freight methods etc. that are not shared between the companies. Something that would make the process easier would be a mass load of data from a template.

In this worked example we will show how you can do just that with the Dynamics Excel Add-In, by using it to query the tables in one company and then update the data in another without even breaking a sweat. Read More


At this point in my GuygAX project (a.k.a. implementing Dungeons & Dragons within ERP), I am working on loading all of the reference products and services into my system so that I can start stocking my shelves and selling services to my NPC’s. This is no small feat, since the initial load has more than 2000 different items. Rather than load all of the data by hand, I decided to use the Excel Add-In and create a import template for loading all of the products and services.

Since there are multiple tables that need to be loaded with this example, it is a little more work to create the initial template, bus once it is up and built, it is a great time saver when loading in base and incremental data.

In this walkthrough I will show how to use the Excel Add-In for Dynamics AX to create and use an Excel Product Import Template Read More

As part of my GuygAX project, I found that a lot of data within the HR module was missing, because it Dynamics AX is not has not been published with the localization details for the realms of Faerûn. One case in point is that there are over 99 different languages within Faerûn that I needed to load into the HR module. Although loading the data by hand is possible, I wanted to find a better way to get the information loaded.

In this walkthrough I will show how I used the Excel Add-In for Dynamics AX to make the process a matter of cutting and pasting. Read More