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I have created a few reference books that are available on Amazon that combine all of the information I post about into an easy to reference and lightweight format.  When working through some of the more lengthy configurations these are a much better resource than the blog posts.  Also, as I compiled these I was able to add additional notes and sections that you were not in the original posts, so you may find even more useful information in them.

You can view my Author page on Amazon here: also, you here are links to all of my books by series.

Dynamics AX Tips & Tricks Series 

The Tips & Tricks series is a compilation of all the cool things that I have found that you can do within Dynamics AX, and are also the basis for my Tips & Tricks presentations that I have been giving for the AXUG, and online.  Unfortunately book page size restrictions mean that I can only fit 50 tips & tricks per book, but I will create new volumes every time I reach the 50 Tip mark,

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Over the past couple of weeks I have been working with the Service Management module within Dynamics AX. In the process I have been able to expand and update my notes on the area and have created a better guide for you all titled Configuring Service Management within Dynamics AX 2012.

This book has double the content of my Configuring Service Management to Track Service Orders blueprint that was released about 6 months ago, all of the screen shots have been redone to be crisper and easier to see, and has expanded from 70 to 456 pages to cover:

  • Service Management Codes & Parameter Configuration (New)
  • Service Orders (Mostly New)
  • Service Agreements
  • Service Objects
  • Repair Management
  • Dispatch Teams (New)
  • Service Subscriptions (New)

If you are interested in taking a look here are the links on Amazon:



As a side note, this is Volume 15 of my Dynamics AX 2012 Barebones Configuration Guides series that I have been working on for quite a while. The aim of this series is to show how easy it is ton configure Dynamics AX 2012 from a blank instance, and is going to have the following books in the series, each of which builds on top of the previous books in the series:

  1. Initial Data Load
  2. Configuring the Organization
  3. Configuring Human Resources
  4. Configuring General Ledger
  5. Configuring Cash Management
  6. Configuring Accounts Receivable
  7. Configuring Accounts Payable
  8. Configuring Product Management
  9. Configuring Inventory Management
  10. Configuring Purchasing
  11. Configuring Sales Order Management
  12. Configuring Shipping
  13. Configuring Production
  14. Configuring Sales & Marketing
  15. Configuring Service Management
  16. Configuring Project Management
  17. Configuring Budgeting

Like George Lucas, I started from the middle of the list, but I promise that I will deliver out the first books in the series shortly so that you can use them to guide you through your own journey of setting up Dynamics AX 2012.

At Convergence this year I rolled out a book with 50 Tips & Tricks for Dynamics AX that seemed to go down really well with everyone – hopefully not just because I was giving away copies for free 😉

This week, I hit milestone, and realized that I had enough content for a second volume of trips and tricks and have compiled them into a new book. Just like the other book, this one contains 50 more tips and tricks for dynamics AX ranging from UI tips, to functional tricks that you all may find interesting. Additionally, there is a new section in this book dedicated to Workflow, and how you can tweak workflows to get the most out of Dynamics AX.

If your are interested in taking a look, then you can see it on the CreateSpace here: and it should also be available on Amazon within 5 or so days.

Configuration BlueprintsOver the past couple of months I have been releasing out a few blueprints that focus on the areas that people want to tackle within Dynamics AX as a phase two or later of their implementation project, but sometimes don’t quite know where to start.

To make it easier to access these blueprints, last week I compiled the some of the more popular blueprints into a larger compilation for easier reference, and published it out as a paperback, and also Kindle version.

The topics that are included in the first volume are:

  • Create configured products
  • Improve costing analysis through costing sheets
  • Use lean manufacturing processes to streamline productions
  • Manage service jobs through service management
  • Streamline the vendor onboarding process through the Vendor Portal
  • Track vendor performance and scorecards
  • Create retail stores and use POS registers

If you are interested in taking a look then just track the book down on Amazon by following this link: