Monthly Archives: October 2012

Cases within Dynamics AX 2012 are a great way to track issues and complaints throughout the organization. Case management may be linked to prospects, customers, vendors, products, transactions and more, and incorporate activities, process management and workflow capabilities.

In this worked example we will show how you can use cases to track consumer complaints. Read More


In our line of business, people skills are essential. It’s a cruel fact that sometimes, you may have the best product or service for the customer, but if they don’t like you, it’s a hard road to travel to get them to let you help them.

So this week’s book club post is focused on the first ever bestselling self-help book in history. How to Win Friends and Influence People was published in 1936, it has sold 15 million copies. It just shows that people skills never go out of date. Read More

I don’t know about you all, but I have a common affliction called TCOK (The Curse Of Knowledge – I expect everyone to know as much about something as I know, so I am always trying to make myself remember that a lot of the things that I show in demonstrations may be completely new to my audience, and I need to ratchet the explanations back a little so that customers and prospects can follow me. Read More

Automating e-mail communication is a great way to streamline your business processed. One example of doing this would be to have sales order confirmations sent out when they are approved within the ERP system.

You can do this through workflows if you want, but in this example we will show how you can add a small function to Dynamics AX that will automatically send the confirmations through your local SMTP server, without the user having to even touch their e-mail system. Read More

Although this may not be true, I’m sure that Edward Tufte does think about it, because he is the Strunk & White for information design and visual literacy.

When you boil ERP down to the bare bones, it is just a way to gather information, and all our customers really want from an ERP system is to present the information back to them so that they can understand how they are doing. If you can do that in an elegant, and informative way then the ERP system is a success. Read More