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A month or so ago I released out the chapters for the first part of the Introduction To Dynamics AX to all of the Premium subscribers on the Dynamics AX website. Recently I have had a couple of requests to make the second part of the book available as downloadable chapters as well, so I did just that.

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I have received a number of requests from my followers to provide a PDF version of all the books because either they do no have access to the books on Kindle, or because it takes over 6 weeks for Amazon to deliver the books to some regions of the world. Not to be one that hinders the spreading of knowledge I have started the process of uploading all of the books as PDF’s for subscribers to access.

You can get your own access to the the PDF versions either by signing up for an eBook Subscription within your account profile, which is a one time fee of $249 and will allow you to download all of the books that I have published, and also any future books, or you can add a subscription for each of the individual books to your account for $19.95 each allowing you to download the book at any time, and also get additional updates and revisions as soon as they are posted to the website.

If you want to give access to the books to multiple people within your organization, then drop me a note, and we can set up an Enterprise eBook Subscription for you allowing you all to access the books at any time.

I am in the process of converting and uploading the titles so bear with me as I do this over the next couple of weeks, but here are the ones that are available so far.

To monitor all of the books as they are added, just watch the eBookshelf here:

A while back I released out a guide on Configuring Financial Approvals & Workflows Within Dynamics AX 2012 as the companion guide for a very successful MS Dynamics World webinar.

After a couple of requests from you all I have made this available on the Dynamics AX Companions site as both premium subscription content allowing you to download the chapters individually, and also as a full eBook in the PDF version if you have signed up for the eBook subscription, which allows you to download all of the eBooks that I have published on the site – I promise that I will add more over the next couple of weeks.

Just as a reminder, the Configuring Financial Approvals & Workflows Within Dynamics AX 2012 guide has the following chapters:


For a full description you can just check out the books landing page here:

If you are on the fence, or don’t know how these guides are designed, then I have made the first chapter available for download without a subscription. All you need to do is register on the site and you will be able to download it. If you are already registered then just follow this link and then click on the Download Chapter image of the book:

Of course you can still purchase the paper copy of the book from Amazon so that you can ask me to sign it the next time our paths cross by clicking on this link:

Remember that you don’t have a physical Kindle then there is a desktop version, and a client for all of the tablets that allows you to read all of the kindle books.  If you haven’t seen them before then here is a link:

A while back I created an introduction guide to Dynamics AX that pretty much my overview demonstration for Dynamics AX in a book that gives you a grounding in the main usability features. This weekend I published the 3rd edition of this book, tidying up the formatting, increasing the font sizes make it more usable. (If you already have a copy of this book then don’t rush out to buy a new copy right now because the content is still the same).

As I was doing this I also broke it apart and made it available for download as PDF versions through my Dynamics AX Companions website for all of the Premium subscribers.
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About a month ago I reached a milestone on my Dynamics AX Tip Of the Day blog site ( and realized that I had compiled another 50 tips that I can share with everyone as a 3rd tip compendium.  Over the past couple of weeks I have managed to sit down and organize them and am happy to say that this weekend I finished the job, and now the 3rd volume within the Dynamics AX Tips & Tricks series is now available on Amazon.

I was a little worried about this one because it is over 700 pages of tips and step by step instructions with screen shots that I have painstakingly compiled for you all.  If you haven’t seen these books before, these tips are designed you the ones of us (myself included) that need to see how to do something rather than read instructions on how to do it.

Included in this compendium are the following tips & tricks for you all and hopefully one or two of these will make you even more of a Rock Star when it comes to Dynamics AX.
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