Dynamics AX Companions Books Available For Download As PDF’s Through The eBookshelf

I have received a number of requests from my followers to provide a PDF version of all the books because either they do no have access to the books on Kindle, or because it takes over 6 weeks for Amazon to deliver the books to some regions of the world. Not to be one that hinders the spreading of knowledge I have started the process of uploading all of the books as PDF’s for subscribers to access.

You can get your own access to the the PDF versions either by signing up for an eBook Subscription within your account profile, which is a one time fee of $249 and will allow you to download all of the books that I have published, and also any future books, or you can add a subscription for each of the individual books to your account for $19.95 each allowing you to download the book at any time, and also get additional updates and revisions as soon as they are posted to the website.

If you want to give access to the books to multiple people within your organization, then drop me a note, and we can set up an Enterprise eBook Subscription for you allowing you all to access the books at any time.

I am in the process of converting and uploading the titles so bear with me as I do this over the next couple of weeks, but here are the ones that are available so far.

To monitor all of the books as they are added, just watch the eBookshelf here:


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  1. socialmediaminute said:

    As always, thanks for your generosity!

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