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PowerView is a great tool for creating dashboards and analytics for Dynamics AX, and you can easily embed it into Role Centers to create summary dashboards, and you can use it to drill into offending statistics that you notice, and you can easily create new dashboards using the new Analyze button in Dynamics AX 2012 R2. But what would be even better would be having context sensitive dashboards built into the actual master data forms. Then you would be able to see statistics and trends against the data that you a focused on. Fortunately that is not very hard to do.

In this worked example we will show how you can easily create a new dashboard through PowerView and then embed it within the Dynamics AX forms to show you just the statistics that you are looking for. Read More


The Excel Add-In is an incredibly useful tool because it doesn’t just allow you to download information from Dynamics AX, but it also allows you to publish information back to the system without compromising the data integrity. You can use this for the initial data setup within Dynamics AX, quick maintenance of multiple records, moving data from one system to another, and even aggregating data through matrix fields. And best of all, this tool is included for free with Dynamics AX, so you don’t need to buy additional licenses in order to use it.

In this worked example we will show how you can use the Dynamics AX Excel Add-In to make updating data a breeze. Read More

Dynamics has a lot of little Easter Eggs of functionality built into it, and one of them that I just discovered is the ability to have the system automatically update all of your currency exchange rates through the rate authorities’ web services. There is no need to update these manually ever again.

In this worked example we will show how you can quickly configure the automatic updating of the exchange rates, and then never worry about them again. Read More

The Dynamics AX retail module has a Cross Docking feature that allows you to receive in products on a purchase order and then turn right around and transfer them out to other warehouses to replenish store inventories. This is great when you are receiving in products into a distribution center and then redistributing the stock. But what if you are a more traditional organization that needs to cross dock inventory to other non-retail locations?

In this worked example we will show you how you can still use the cross docking function within Dynamics AX without having to implement all of the retail module in the process. Read More

At the beginning of every presentation I do what is called a Cooking/Foundation/Orientation demonstration so that everyone is able to see some of the general features of Dynamics AX.

This weekend I sat down and recorded it just in case others would like to see a high level overview of Dynamics AX 2012 as well.

Below are the postings and links to the download on SlideShare just in case you want to take a peek:


If you like the video, but want to download a higher quality version, then I have also posted it to SkyDrive: