A Distributors Guide To Dynamics AX Available To Everyone

BookCoverImageLast week we test drove an idea at a demo, and rather than giving them a PowerPoint, we created a book as a handout that we gave to almost all of the people there. It shows all of the initial orientation demonstration that includes navigation, reporting etc. and also includes screen shots of all the areas within Dynamics AX that a Distribution based company would be interested in including all of the Advanced Supply Chain Software add ins that we have developed here at I.B.I.S.

Some people saw this on my desk and asked if for could get a copy, so I have made it available to everyone through CreateSpace, and Amazon (within the next 5 days) as well.

Also to make it a little more affordable, I republished it as a Black & White version rather than the Deluxe Full Color that I used last week.

So, if you want a hard copy, then just follow this link: https://www.createspace.com/4678806.

Also, for my loyal readers, use this discount code:YW8YHP6J to get an additional 25% off the list price.

  1. Steve Latta said:

    HI Murray,
    I picked up the Kindle version of this today thanks to your email about it. Part I is absolutely terrific, but Part II seems to be very thin. All I’m seeing are screenshots and, occasionally, a bullet list associated with the picture. There’s no real descriptive detail for anything in the whole section. I’ve downloaded it to two different devices and gotten the same result. Is this correct, or is there a problem?

    • Steve,
      Thanks, and you are completely right – the second section is a little thin. My plan is to update the sections over time with more detailed descriptions, and the good thing about the Kindle version is that when I release out updates, you will be able to refresh the book and get the new content. Watch out for updates over the next few months 🙂

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