Dynamics AX 2012 Barebones Configuration Guide #14 – Configuring Sales And Marketing In Dynamics AX 2012 Is Available

If you are interested in seeing how you can set up the Sales and Marketing area of Dynamics AX to turn it into your very own integrated XRM system, then you are in luck – I have just released volume #14 or my Dynamics AX 2012 Barebones Configuration Guides series which focuses on configuring the Sales And Marketing area within Dynamics AX which gives you a general overview and step by step instructions to set up most of its features and functions. Within the 566 pages I cover:


  • Configuring Sales Units
  • Assigning Employees to Sales Units
  • Defining Responsibilities
  • Assigning Responsibilities to Sales Units
  • Configuring Default Sales Queries
  • Configuring The Default Management Statistics
  • Configuring Transaction Logging


  • Defining Activity Types
  • Defining Activity Phases
  • Defining Activity Plans
  • Configuring Activity Defaults
  • Recording Activities Against Customers


  • Defining Your Standard Case Categories
  • Configuring Default Case Processes
  • Loading Knowledge Articles
  • Associating Knowledge Articles With Case Categories
  • Creating Cases For Customers
  • Creating Activities Against Cases
  • Using Knowledge Articles in Cases


  • Define Contact Person Titles
  • Defining Function of Persons
  • Creating Contacts
  • Creating Contacts From Customer Accounts
  • Viewing All Contacts For A Customer
  • Marking Contacts To Synchronize With Outlook
  • Linking To Outlook For Synchronization
  • Synchronizing Contacts With Outlook


  • Defining Prospect Relation Types
  • Defining Prospect Segmentation
  • Defining Prospect Statuses
  • Defining Sales Districts
  • Creating New Prospects
  • Creating Contacts for Prospects
  • Converting a Prospect Into a Customer


  • Defining Opportunity Phases
  • Defining Opportunity Probability
  • Defining Opportunity Prognosis
  • Defining Opportunity Reasons
  • Configuring Sales Processes For Opportunities
  • Assigning Default Activities to Sales Processes
  • Specifying Exit Criteria For Sales Process Stages
  • Creating Opportunities From Prospect Records
  • Updating Sales Process Stages
  • Defining Competitors
  • Tracking Competitors Against Opportunities
  • Creating Quotations For Opportunities
  • Converting A Quotation Into A Sales Order
  • Creating Collaboration Workspaces For Opportunities


  • Defining Lead Types
  • Defining Lead Priorities
  • Defining Lead Ratings
  • Configuring Lead Qualification Processes
  • Creating New Leads
  • Creating An Opportunity From A Lead


  • Defining Campaign Groups
  • Defining Campaign Types
  • Defining E-mail Categories
  • Configuring Campaign Processes
  • Copying Stages And Activities From Other Campaign Processes
  • Configuring Campaign Parameters
  • Configuring The System Archive Directory
  • Creating New Campaigns
  • Selecting Target Contacts For Campaigns
  • Creating E-mail Groups From Campaigns
  • Sending E-mail Distributions From A Campaign


  • Defining Telemarketing Cancellation Reason Codes
  • Creating A New Call List
  • Creating A Call List From An Existing Campaigns
  • Distributing Call List Targets To Responsible Employees
  • Viewing A Users Current Call List Distribution Accounts
  • Creating Opportunities from Call Distribution Lists


  • Defining Question Types
  • Defining Answer Groups
  • Defining Valid Answer Group Answers
  • Configuring Questions
  • Defining Questionnaire Types
  • Configuring a Questionnaire
  • Assigning a Questionnaire to a Call List
  • Using Questionnaires While Processing Call Lists


If you are interested in taking a look here are the link on Amazon:



The Kindle Version will probably be available within a couple of weeks.


Just a reminder, my Dynamics AX 2012 Barebones Configuration Guides series aims to show how easy it is ton configure Dynamics AX 2012 from a blank instance, and is going to have the following books in the series, each of which builds on top of the previous books in the series:


  1. Initial Data Load
  2. Configuring the Organization
  3. Configuring Human Resources
  4. Configuring General Ledger
  5. Configuring Cash Management
  6. Configuring Accounts Receivable
  7. Configuring Accounts Payable
  8. Configuring Product Management
  9. Configuring Inventory Management
  10. Configuring Purchasing
  11. Configuring Sales Order Management
  12. Configuring Shipping
  13. Configuring Production Control (Done)
  14. Configuring Sales & Marketing (Done)
  15. Configuring Service Management (Done)
  16. Configuring Project Management
  17. Configuring Budgeting

I am working feverishly to get all of the books out there for everyone to take advantage of.

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