Book Club – ERP Pulp Fiction

This week’s book club suggestion will set you back $0.99, is a whopping 6 pages long which will probably take you about 3 minutes to read (if you read as slow as I do), and it’s also written about Great Plains. I think that it also creates a new book category of ERP Pulp Fiction by showcasing all of the Microsoft technologies though a quick and trashy novel full of secret agents, spy missions, and accountants.

The other interesting thing about this book, is that it’s published through Kindle Direct Publishing ( which allows you as a budding novelist to publish a book and make 35-70% royalties on every sale. At the lowest level that works out to be about $0.30 per sale, and you need to sell 334 copies before amazon will drop you a check.

Debits are Forever
(Adventures in Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics GP)

by Mark Polino
Publication Date: March, 2011

This is a great example of something we all could do – maybe we all should start writing books on Dynamics AX


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