Dynamics AX Companions Website Is Live

Yay! Today I launched my new Dynamics AX Companions (dynamicsaxcompanions.com) website which despite what you may imply from the name is not a dating site for Dynamics AX users.

It is a consolidation site where I am going to post all of the blog posts that are scattered about on WordPress to make it easier to find the information that I have created for you all.

This is also where you will be able to download the source files for all of the presentations that I have posted to SlideShare, and Scribd, in their original format so that you will be able to see all of the screen shot details that you haven’t been able to see in the past because those sites compress the images during the upload process.

Also over the next few weeks I will be posting the drafts of my upcoming Dynamics AX Companion Series books so that you can get a sneak preview of them in their raw state while I polish up all of the details. If you are working through the Bare Bones Configuration Guide series, then this will give you access to the raw footage for you to follow and test out while I am still writing all of the narratives for them.

Make sure you register and also drop me notes with your feedback on the site. I have slaved for days (3) over this site and think it is pretty cool.

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