Free Gift For The Dynamics AX Companions eBook Subscribers

I just wanted to pass on a quick note to an upgrade that I just made to the Dynamics AX Companions website over the past couple of days that all of you eBook subscribers may be interested in.

When I first set up the website I split the subscriptions into two separate roles – Premium, which allows you to download all of the individual pieces of content that I have been posting, and then the eBook subscription, which was aimed at giving you all quick access to all of the published books within the eBookshelf area of the site. I had expected that most of you would opt for the monthly premium subscription since it was a lot more economical (which you all did), but did not expect as big of a response to the eBook subscription as I got.

After thinking this though a little I realized that it is a little unfair to make the eBook subscribers also have to sign up for the Premium content since they have already shown such great support to the site, so I have updated the security profiles on the site.

From now on, if you are an eBook subscriber, or sign up for an eBook subscription, then you also get access to all of the Premium content as well at no additional cost.

It’s just my way of saying thanks for the support.

PS. I think that I have caught all of the areas that I need to update the security to allow this to work, but if you are an eBook subscriber, and can’t access something then drop me a note and I will fix it right away.


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