Part 1 of Configuring Project Management And Accounting For Dynamics AX 2012 Now Available To Download

This weekend I started the second half of book #12 in the Bare Bones Configuration Guide series that lays the foundation for Configuring Project Management And Accounting Within Dynamics AX 2012 which was to add narration to the chapters so that you all would have more than just screen shots to guide you through the setup of the module. I was able to get the first chapter completed (all 219 pages of it) before I ran out of daylight on Sunday. Rather than wait for all of the other chapters to be completed though I decided to publish this one out to the Dynamics AX Companions project site for you all to have access to – well in advance of the book being available for download on Amazon.

The first chapter (Configuring Project Management And Accounting Controls) covers the following topics:

  • Configuring Approval Codes
  • Configuring Default Journal Names
  • Configuring Line Properties
  • Configuring Cost Templates
  • Configuring Period Types
  • Configuring Shared Categories
  • Configuring Category Groups
  • Configuring Project Categories
  • Configuring Project Groups
  • Configuring A Working Time Template
  • Creating A Project Scheduling Calendar
  • Configuring Inventory Journals
  • Configuring Project Forecast Models
  • Configuring The Project Management Controls

All Premium and eBook subscribers to the Dynamics AX Companions site can download the chapter right now. Here is the link to the page:

Just as a note – the complete book will contain the chapters following chapters:

  • Configuring Project Management And Accounting Controls
  • Configuring Projects
  • Configuring Collaboration Workspaces
  • Using MS Project To Manage Project Details
  • Managing Scheduling Within Projects
  • Configuring Project Budgets
  • Configuring Timesheet Reporting For Projects
  • Configuring Expense Reporting For Projects
  1. EVGL said:

    Cool. I wish somebody wrote a book ‘Configuring Sales and Purchase Pools’, vol. 1 and 2, need it desperately.

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