Author Tools For PowerPoint Student Edition Available For Free Download

Last week I published out an eBook on Building Walkthrough Guides Using The Author Tools and made it available for you all as a free download. I was a little surprised at the response and the number of downloads that I got for the first edition. And to all of you that did download the book, you may want to re-download it because over the past day or so I added in a lot more content showing some of the more advanced features within the Author Tools for PowerPoint including:

  • Using Different Templates
  • Adding Thumbnails within Recipe Elements
  • Adding Tips and Cues To Illustrations
  • Using Custom Step Headings
  • Selectively Publishing Sections
  • Turning On or Off Section Breaks
  • Turning On or Off Odd Section Breaks
  • Turning off Walkthrough Step Headings
  • Changing the Placement Of The Walkthrough Thumbnail


For all of you that this may have not grabbed a copy of the book, but that I may have piqued your curiosity, here is the link to the guide:

More importantly though I had a couple of requests on where to get a copy of the Author Tools for PowerPoint so that you all can test it out. So I have made the install kit available for download for free as the Student Edition.

To test it out, just download the kit, install it and then follow along with the examples that are in the book, and also use the samples that are included with the software to see the same examples on your system. You should be able to get it up and running pretty easily and maybe you will find that writing and publishing is not that hard at all.

If you want to grab the install kit then just follow this link:

If you are interested in learning more or have any problems accessing the Author Tools then drop me a note.


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