Personal Branding

Last month I held an online seminar on A Beginners Guide To Writing And Publishing Visual Walkthrough Guides where I walked through the process that I use to publish my books, and also how to repurpose the content into other formats for blogs and presentations. And from the feedback that I got I think I succeeded in kick starting some other experts writing projects.

That seminar didn’t give many people much in the way of advance notice (I think it was just 5 days) so I wanted to give everyone a little bit more notice for the next seminar that I am planning to hold on Monday, December 21st, at 12pm Eastern Time ‎(UTC-5).  If you have all of your Christmas shopping done and want to learn how to get your writing career chugging along then I would definitely like to see you all online.

For the on-line seminar where I will walk you through all of these steps in real time.  In addition to showing you how easy writing and publishing books are, I will also give the seminar attendees:

  • All of the PowerPoint templates that I use to streamline the process
  • All of the Publisher files that make the cover creation a breeze
  • And also the beta of my Author Tools add in for PowerPoint that will re-publish all of the PowerPoints into Word and reformat your content for publishing, blogging, scripts, and other formats
  • Also you will get a digital copy of the companion guide for class that I finished last week as well to follow during the class.

I will be walking through the five steps that I work through when I am writing my visual walkthrough guides and I am sure that when you see how easy this is to do you will want to start up your own little publishing business as well. I have distilled the process into these simple steps.

I used this process to create the companion guide for this event, and all up it took about 10 hours of work, which isn’t that much time if you ask me.

If you are interested in attending then you can sign up for the session here – this is a paid training event so I will then send you instructions on how to pay the $99.95 and then we will send you all the required login details and password to the event. We need the RSVP’s so that I can make sure that my GoToWebinar account is able to handle the number of attendees


I post a lot of walkthroughs and information to social media sites. I started doing this though for purely selfish reasons. Primarily they were:

  • To give customers a resource to see how I did what I showed them in demonstrations so that they didn’t get mad at me.
  • To give consultants a resource to see what I am showing customers in demonstrations so that they wouldn’t get mad at me.
  • And to show to lawyers to prove that I wasn’t just using smoke and mirrors during demonstrations, so that I don’t get deposed (again).

Along the way though I found that I was creating a small personal brand, and this has helped me a lot with everything that I do.

I have a simple system that I use that allows me to turn something that I find cool or interesting into something sharable, that also helps extend out my personal brand.

Systems don’t work for everyone, because everyone has their own personal style, but I thought I would pass this on just in case it works for someone else. Read More